Prepare your Vehicle for Fall/Winter


Stay in the driver’s seat.

September has arrived and with that comes your normal routine. Kids are back to school, fall and winter sports are starting up and your on and off work out schedule can finally get back to normal ( here’s hoping ).

Through all these changes let’s not forget about your trusty ride, your transportation, your wheels that get you from point A to point B and everything in between. Your vehicle is going to need some LOVE after the long hot summer we just had. When the temperature starts to change , the maintenance and repairs your vehicle needs become magnified.


When you go from your windows down and the radio turned up – to the heat cranked and the windshield wipers on full blast your vehicle relies on its battery and charging system a lot more. Your tires and suspension become critical in winter conditions as well. If your battery or alternator was on the brink of failure in the summer, the fall and coming winter will be the `straw “. This is just one of the many examples I can give you.

Our service packages at Haney Automotive provide you with an extensive 69 point check over to see what your vehicle will need to be safe and reliable during the coming months.

Our licensed technicians check your vehicle from tail lights to head lights and everything in between. We then provide you with the recommended maintenance and repairs in order of importance, this way your can budget for these repairs.

If your are looking for someone guide you in your vehicles maintenance and repair journey , look no further !!! Call to book a appointment today so you can “stay in the driver’s seat“