Automatic Transmission Fluid

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid acts like a detergent, a lubricant and hydraulic fluid. It loses its effectiveness over time.

The Certified Auto Technicians at Haney Automotive inspect your fluid condition and will make sure you know when to change your transmission fluid. It is a waste of $ to do it to soon and a gamble to wait to long. You can put your trust in the experts at Haney Automotive.

Automatic transmission fluid is rarely changed on a preventive maintenance plan, yet is often the cause of premature transmission failure. Considering how expensive a transmission is to replace, the cost of changing the fluid and filter periodically is peanuts. Transmission experts recommend changing the fluid and filter (which is located inside the transmission) every 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers by doing this it can significantly prolong the life of your transmission.


The transmission fluid level should be checked periodically. On most vehicles, this should be done after the vehicle has been driven and the fluid is hot. The dipstick is then read while the engine idling and the transmission is in park. If the level is low, fluid should be added to gradually bring the level up to the full mark-but not overfilled, this can cause the fluid to aerate and foam.

If the transmission is leaking fluid from the pan gasket or seal, these parts should be replaced. t is very important to make sure you get the correct type of fluid for your transmission. You can refer to the owner’s manual or markings on the dipstick if in doubt.

GM vehicles usually require Dexron II, Dexron IIe or Dexron III, or a fluid that meets these specs. Dexron IIe is required in newer electronic transmissions, and Dexron III is a long-life fluid that can also be used in older applications that require Dexron II or IIe.

Older Fords as well as some imports require Type F, but most newer Fords require Mercon. Mercon can also be used in older Fords that requires type H or CJ fluids. 1998 and newer Fords require Mercon V.

Chrysler typically specifies Dexron II for older automatics transmissions, but requires a special fluid that meets its Mopar ATF Plus 7176 specs in its newer four-speed electronic automatics. This includes ATF+2, ATF+3 and ATF+4 fluids. In fact, Chrysler warns that using Dexron II in one of these transmissions can cause shudder and shifting problems.

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