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Yes, call in advance and we will set it up.

We do not offer a Towing Service but recommend Terry at Westgate Towing. His # is 604 817-2433

Ask your friends and neighbors who they use. Get recommendations. Visit those shops and take a look. Are they busy? Is the shop clean? Are there old, unused cars parked randomly on the property? Are the technicians clean? Are they BC Government certified? How were you greeted? Would you be comfortable dealing with them?

Absolutely not! There are many laws specifically prohibiting automobile dealers from suggesting or implying that you must return to them for service in order keep your manufacturer warranty. Any qualified independent repair facility can maintain your new vehicle, and your warranty will remain valid. If you’ve been a long-time customer of a particular shop, and if you’re happy and comfortable with the service they provide, then keep going to them. If they spot any problems that should be covered under manufacturer warranty, they will let you know so you can return to your dealer for warranty repairs.

The check engine light or MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) means that the vehicle computer detects a system not functioning within its pre-programmed parameters. Many things can trigger the check engine light: A loose fuel cap (computer sees a pressure loss in the fuel system), a vacuum leak, a bad fuel pump, a bad spark plug, a plugged fuel filter, a broken, pinched or disconnected wire, a lazy oxygen sensor, or a malfunctioning coolant temperature sensor.

Don’t worry! What were the driving conditions and circumstances when the light first came on? Did it come on shortly after you filled the fuel tank? Did it come on after an extended drive in extreme summer heat? These clues can help the technician find the problem quicker saving you some money.

If the MIL is flashing, you need to get to your repair facility ASAP! This indicates that your vehicle’s emission control system could soon be damaged.