Brake Repair

Soooooooooooooo can anyone repair my brakes? Let’s get the facts straight!

As a certified licensed maintenance and repair shop we see it all.

Customer: “My buddy is a mechanic and he did my brakes, now they make noise and shake when braking.”

Did they put the brake pads in backwards? Yes we have seen this happen. Did they machine or replace the rotors? Did they service the calipers to make them last longer? Did he check the condition the brake lines and the brake fluid with a special water content strip?

Did they apply a special lubricant ($70.00 per bottle) to the back of the pads to prevent noise?

Did they install a good quality brake pads, or the cheapest available?


Your brakes are there to save lives, they operated under extreme pressure to stop a 2-3,000 pound car or a 4-7,000 pound truck in a instant. Brakes are not to be taken lightly and proper repair and maintenance cannot be done in the back yard.

Having un-licensed people doing brakes is a serious gamble to say the least.

Brake fluid picks up moisture over time and will start to corrode/rust out the lines and connectors, a burst brake line can be fatal. Changing the fluid when needed is critical.

Rotors are the big steel disc’s that the pads squeeze to stop your vehicle. They wear down and score over time., causing noise and shaking. At the very least they must be machined to create a new smooth surface or if they do not meet the legal minimum thickness they need to be replaced.

When it comes to vehicle brake pads there are many choices from cheap to expensive. Cheap pads will make noise, wear out fast and generate a lot brake dust making the wheels look messy.

At Haney Automotive our Licenced Technisions install good quality mid price pads.

The caliper is the part that holds the pads and squeezes the rotor under extreme pressure. If the caliper slides are not serviced they can seize creating a serious safety issue. Did your buddy service them? Probably not!

At Haney Automotive located in Maple Ridge our auto mechanics are experts in this field. You are invited to contact our Automotive Shop to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a maintenance program tailored to your specific needs. Rest assured this service will be performed by fully licensed automotive mechanics.