Benefits of Building a Relationship with Your Auto Repair Shop

Shopping for the best price can be risky. When it comes to auto parts there are many different levels of quality and unless you specify what brand and quality you want installed, it is unlikely you will get an apples to apples price comparison. At Haney Automotive we install only quality auto parts and our pricing reflects this.

Prepare your Vehicle for Fall / Winter


Stay in the driver's seat.

September has arrived and with that comes your normal routine. Kids are back to school, fall and winter sports are starting up and your on and off work out schedule can finally get back to normal ( here's hoping ).

Through all these changes let's not forget about your trusty ride, your transportation, your wheels that get you from point A to point B and everything in between. Your vehicle is going to need some LOVE after the long hot summer we just had. When the temperature starts to change , the maintenance and repairs your vehicle needs become magnified.

Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, you will be surprised!

Tire pressure is the easiest thing to check on your car as far as preventative maintenance goes, yet many people neglect doing this simple task.

If you have tire pressure monitors, I will discuss them at the end of this blog, a must read.


I have been in the auto maintenance and repair business for quite some time now. There have been numerous occasions in which a client will ask me for a price on repairs based on what they think or what their buddy/mechanic friend thinks is wrong with their vehicle.

This speculation can be very dangerous !!!!. There are many reasons why and I could list them all for you but i don't want to bore you. Here it is simply put. Most of the time the guess that your friend made, albeit a valiant effort will cost you more money 90% of the time.


Brake Repair

Soooooooooooooo can anyone repair my brakes? Let's get the facts straight!

As a certified licensed maintenance and repair shop we see it all.

Customer: "My buddy is a mechanic and he did my brakes, now they make noise and shake when braking."

Did they put the brake pads in backwards? Yes we have seen this happen. Did they machine or replace the rotors? Did they service the calipers to make them last longer? Did he check the condition the brake lines and the brake fluid with a special water content strip?

Did they apply a special lubricant ($70.00 per bottle) to the back of the pads to prevent noise?

Did they install a good quality brake pads, or the cheapest available?