Repair Services

Haney Automotive, Maple Ridge's #1 Auto Shop takes pride in providing quality customer satisfaction and automotive service. No Matter what type of vehicle you have our mechanics will treat it like it is their own. We offer several maintenance packages.


Our Services Include:

  • Brakes
  • Oil Changes
  • Suspension Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Emissions Repair
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Cooling System Services
  • Tires
  • Glass
  • Alignment
  • Government Certified Inspections
  • Air Care Certified Repair Center
  • And Much More!!




Haney Automotive of Maple Ridge provide a 20,000 kilometer or 12 month warrantee (whichever occurs first) on parts and labour giving our customers peace of mind.

No matter what needs fixing the mechanics at Maple Ridge Haney Automotive have the experience and knowledge to meet or exceed your expectations. Our mechanics will access what needs doing, then management will determine a cost (often with options) and call for approval.

Work will not proceed without your OK. You will not be surprised with a large invoice when picking up your vehicle. Most repairs are in and out the same day.

Haney Automotive Repairs has a well earned reputation for not selling work any sooner than necessary. For example if your brakes are at 30% and will last another few months we will tell you. We respect that it is your wallet not ours.

Pricing for repairs is situational, each one is different and therefore we cannot give you a price until we see your vehicle.

Having said that here is some pricing we feel we can share :-)



Ping-ping-ping          35.00

Plink-Ping-Plunk        50.00

Klunk-Ping-Klunk      125.00

Thud-Thud-Thud        200.00

Clank-Thud-Klank            325.00