I have been in the auto maintenance and repair business for quite some time now. There have been numerous occasions in which a client will ask me for a price on repairs based on what they think or what their buddy/mechanic friend thinks is wrong with their vehicle.

This speculation can be very dangerous !!!!. There are many reasons why and I could list them all for you but i don't want to bore you. Here it is simply put. Most of the time the guess that your friend made, albeit a valiant effort will cost you more money 90% of the time.


Your friend/buddy/neighbour that is '" a mechanic " isn't really a mechanic. And what I mean by that is that he or she doesn't go to work in a automotive repair shop " every day ". He or she doesn't diagnose and repair problems every day. They do not have access to $200,000 of specialized diagnostic equipment required to accurately pin point the problem(s).

There are many professions out there that have the title of mechanic. You can be a forklift mechanic, heavy duty mechanic, (much different ball game then automotive) an air plane mechanic, hvac mechanic,....... You get the picture. These mechanic's fix entirely different things. My technicians don't know the first thing about forklifts and there issues and how to diagnose them. My vehicle technicians spent 4 years going to school for automotive repair training and continue their education to keep up with today's vehicle operating systems. Your buddy's buddy did not!

I have had many customers demand certain repairs to their vehicle because of the above example ( buddy/ friend..... at which point I clearly explain that I have not diagnosed this car and will be doing the repairs based on their diagnosis. Guess how this usually turns out ?. NOT GOOD PEOPLE. I now have a really disgruntled person on my hands and for what!!!!!.

"There are people that know just enough about vehicles to be dangerous". These folks based on a guess will install a whole bunch of parts in their vehicle in a attempt to repair. Now after spending a lot of money and time the vehicle is not fixed and they come to Haney Automotive. Now we have to go back to every spot that the customer put their hands on, in order to make sure that the work they did was done right. We often have to re-do these repairs, i.e.; crossed ignition wires, pinched vacuum line, improper spark plugs, the list goes on. The time we invest to check this over is charged for on the invoice.

True there are a few folks that have the mechanical aptitude to diagnose and repair their own vehicles, and to those people I say " good on you ". If you know what your doing you can save yourself some money on vehicle repairs and maintenance. But if you know just enough about your car to throw a bunch of parts at it, time and money then STOP.

Thank you for listening to my rant about miss-diagnoses, it felt good:-)))

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